In Our Delusion We Found a Cause

It has been some time, perhaps too much time.

I have debated for a long time what the purpose of this website is — debated I have for years since I started my current job, which is quite time consuming. One would think that during a global pandemic there would be time to work on hobbies that were once enjoyed or did not have time to do, and yet I have not made a post in this website since the beginning of the year.

Half joking and half not I told a friend I could start reviewing the most casual yet useful things: A facemask? A delivery service? How I do groceries without leaving my apartment? This pandemic has definitely changed how we live our life for sure.

And here I am thinking to myself… why not? Reviews were an essential part of my life many years ago, and I can definitely see myself reviewing items that could very well help others during these strange times.

So I decided about a week ago I was going to get to it… and then my laptop died. The thing about using a laptop for writing, and I know this is probably the most first world problem ever, is that it is not easy to get distracted with something else, which is definitely the case with my gaming PC… where I can just boot a game in two clicks and say good-bye to five hours of my life.

Enter the chromebook.

Specifically purchased as a machine to edit pictures (thank you LightRoom mobile) and for writing, I decided to invest into a Chromebook rather than a regular laptop, and so far the experience has been very positive. Hell, I am actually writing a post for this blog rather than getting distracated with who-knows-what.

The current agenda for the week is to write a couple of reviews about facemasks and maybe a few about my lifestyle balancing work and leisure from a full WFH environment, but only time will tell what will happen. If you are subscribed to this blog, I hope that you find the new wave of content enjoyable. If not — I hope I can eventually entertain you.

Stay safe out there!

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