Eric (Ire) Chan is a Program Manager working in the videogame industry in the Montreal area.

A polymath at heart, their hobbies include cycling, running, photography, fashion, writing, making music, videogames, snowboarding, gardening, cooking, and reading.

With a background in Web Design and English Literature, Ire joined the videogame industry as a QA Tester in 2011. From there they moved through leadership roles in Functionality & Linguistic testing, translation, and small amounts of audio work — before focusing all efforts on videogame Functionality QA as a Project Manager, and later as a Program Manager.


This is currently the 9th iteration of this website, with version 1.0 going live some time in 2002.

At the moment the main goal of this website is to store small amounts of personal information and/or projects. A longterm goal has yet to be decided.